Intelligentpos ecosystem

During my time at Intelligentpos I had to solve design and usability challenges on a regular basis. I have worked with developers, product managers and clients to create compelling design concepts and products. I was responsible for the design of the overall user experience, visuals and consistency of all Intelligentpos products.

Turning iPad into a point of sale platform

Intelligentpos is an iPad-based point of sale platform that replaces traditional and archaic cash registers with an accessible and advanced modern solution. Designing the user interface was a challenging task that required a lot of user testing, interviews and surveys. The final product that I designed is used by a myriad of businesses of any size, thanks to an intuitive and user-centered interface that simplifies sales.

Intelligentpos backoffice

Backoffice is an essential part of the Intelligentpos platform and helps users manage their business remotely via a web-based interface. It allows users to generate reports, control stock, modify products and edit staff rota on a seamless, fully featured business management platform. Due to the implemented responsive design, the same set of features is available to users on devices of multiple form factors.

Intelligentpos Reports app

Intelligentpos Reports is a reporting app designed to compliment the Intelligentpos ecosystem for effective business management through detailed analytical reports. Users can manage multiple businesses and keep track of their progress all in one place. Visual consistency of the product was extremely important.