Animation: Closer to the edge

My first attempt in 2D animation and After Effects

Story outline:
In the late night hour a troubadour called Matt is sitting on the edge of the Moon. He is so fascinated by the view beneath him that he decides to descent to the Earth on a rope ladder. When he reaches the Earth’s surface, he finds himself in the middle of a small village.

Follows an exhausting chase, where Matt is fighting for his life. At the end of the chase both of them run towards the edge of a cliff. At the last moment Matt jumps from the edge and manages to hold on to the edge of the moon. Hans (the lumberjack) falls into the sea beyond the cliff. Matt decides to help him and descents the ladder from the moon. Hans is saved, and now he is sitting on the edge of the Moon with Matt. There Hans feels helpless and has no other choice but to listen to his playing.

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