Short: Anxifer

This project will be the opening four minutes of a TV Series. The genre it will fit is the mystery and horror while also feeling post-apocalyptic. This is the most suitable route to take in which we want to convey our story which also keeps in the style of the directors Christopher Nolan and David Fincher who we chose to influence our project. The concept is to create an unsettling but interesting storyline and setting that grips the audience into wanting to watch more and be emotionally invested in the characters.

The plot centres around two characters, Natali and Andrew, who are researching Bangour Village, a place believed to be conducting inhuman experiments on people some decades ago. Shortly after locating the village and arriving there, they decide that it would be best to separate in order to find what they are looking for. Some time later, both characters suffer amnesia and lose consciousness. Eventually Natali wakes up and phones Andrew telling him that they should meet outside the church. The female character makes her way towards the church where she has flashbacks of the events leading up to her amnesia. When she arrives at the church, she finds that Andrew is nowhere to be seen and shouts for him. Finally, Andrew is seen waking up leaving the story open to the audience’s interpretation.

Produced by: Trojan Horse Productions
Directed, Edited and Captured by: Todor Rusanov
Actors: Natali Nikolic, Andrzej Polanski
Main Camera: Todor Rusanov
Additional Camera: Hugh Connolly
Music: Hugh Connolly
Titles concept and animation: Todor Rusanov
Storyboards: Andrzej Polanski
Character Design: Natali Nikolic

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