Buzludzha VR

3D Design
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Collaborative project between Rafal Czarnowski and myself.

Buzludzha VR is a virtual reality experience based on the environment of the Buzludzha monument built by the Bulgarian communist regime in the 1970s. The structure has been abandoned since 1989 and this led to its ongoing physical degradation. The main aim of this project is to raise awareness about the monument and suggest a new purpose for the abandoned mega structure. Buzludzha VR is an unguided exploration experience and also a small history lesson about the building, all presented inside of a redesigned, conceptual version of the structure to show what it could look like if it was ever restored.

Buzludzha VR allows the audience to explore and sense the monument in a way that would otherwise be impossible in real life. Although the project was designed for the HTC Vive VR platform in mind, the downloadable experience from our website can be also viewed on a flat screen, like a traditional PC game.

Download link available below.


  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Substance Designer